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Thermo Maxx 160 Caps by West Pharm

Buy Thermo Maxx 160 Caps by West PharmMillions of people worldwide want to get rid of unwanted pounds. Luckily, today there exist a number of special products, helping to solve over-weight problem. We represent you new modern diet pills- Thermo Maxx. Containing 160 caps, Thermo Maxx is an effective supplement to burn fat. Each capsule of Thermo Maxx includes 5 ingredients - MaHuang Extract, Kola nut Extract, White willow bark, Chromium Picolinate, Tyrosine free from amino. Let’s see in what way they work. MaHuang Extract (375mg) contains 8% ephedrine, what is 30mg relatively. Being a stimulant, ephedrine influences the nervous system, increasing the metabolism of the body and suppressing appetite. This dosage of ephedrine is considered to be optimal for burning fat, as a larger dosage of ephedrine can be harmful for your health. Kola nut Extract (375mg), containing about 280mg of caffeine serves to give physical energy, and suppresses the appetite as well. Caffeine is known as the best stimulant of the organism during the period of the increased metabolism.Chromium picolinate is controls the cholesterol, reduces the rate of insulin, helping to subtract fat in different zones of the body. White willow bark, containing 100mg salicilin, decreases the temperature of the body, as it is burning fat. The free form amino acid Tyrosine plays an important role in controlling metabolic rate and is very useful during the conditions of high levels of stress.  All mentioned ingredients are legal and safe, if taken in a right dosage.

General recommendations

It’s better to begin with small doses of Thermo Maxx during the first days of the course to see if your organism has no negative reaction to these ingredients. If are not sensitive, prolong taking Thermo Maxx. Remember to make a pause after 4 weeks course for at least for 2 weeks in order not to get the dependence on Thermo Maxx ingredients.  When your body increases metabolism and you lose appetite, it results in different physiological changes. Give your organism enough food (do not starve) and especially water (but no tea, coffee, cola or other products containing caffeine). You can exercise a bit every day, but do it carefully as Thermo Maxx ingredients raise your heart rate. It’s better to eat small meals, containing about 200 calories, such as cereals with milk, whey shakes, fruits and vegetables. All this will help your body get the most successful results. Remember! If you have high blood pressure or heart problems, diabetes, aspirin allergy, glaucoma, cardiovascular disease, hyperuricemia, gout, asthma, severe anxiety, liver or kidney disease, diabetes, sensitive to caffeine, peptic ulcer, thyroid disease, stroke, psychiatric disorders, angina, depression or nervous system disturbance, or any chronic diseases, or prescription medications you must consult with a physician before the first take of this product. The products with ephedrine must be forbidden for pregnant women and the period of lactation and also for children less than 18 years of age. Over-dosed and non-observed taking of Thermo Maxx can lead to severe side-effects and serious health problems. Every person reacts to these pills individually, if you have any health problems, immediately stop Thermo Maxx program and consult your GP. We believe that Thermo Maxx will do its best to throw away undesirable pounds and present you the body of your dream. Do not wait! Help your body to get the most successful results in over-weight war!

Thermo Maxx Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 90

Active Ingredients Amount Per Serving
MauHuang Extract 375mg (8% ephedrine) 30mg
Kola nut Extract 375mg (75% caffeine) 281mg
White willow bark containing salicin 100mg
Chromium Piclinate 500mcg
Tyrosine free form amino acid 100mg