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  • Stimulates your body's metabolism
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  • Works equally well for men and women

Yellow Swarm 100 Caps with Ephedra by NVE

Yellow Swarm with Ephedra 100 Caps From the makers of Stacker 2 and Stacker 3, the World's Strongest Fat Burner comes Yellow Swarm Strongest formula ever made by NVE Pharmaceuticals 25mg of Ephedrine per cap - - 300mg of Caffeine Anhydrous per cap, plus all your other supporting ingredients - Yellow Swarm very strong Original Formula (25 mg Ephedrine alkaloids) with 300 mg Caffeine. These are a step above the Stacker 2 and 3 Original. From the makers of Stacker 2, The World's Strongest Fat Burner. Without hesitation, we can honestly say that we have revolutionized the way in which you may fulfill your metabolic needs from now on. Read More about Yellow Swarm with Ephedra.

Now Yellow Swarm is unfortunately not available. The manufacturer of effective herbal fat burning supplements NVE Pharmaceuticals has stopped production of Yellow Swarm and at the moment you won’t find this fat burner on the market. But there are a lot of other high quality fat burners containing ephedra and ephedrine. Just find an alternative variant for yourself and loose the weight and get the physique you dream about.

Want to find a cheap and easy alternative for Yellow Swarm? You are at the right place! E/C/A Stack is a new modern pill, effective for the problem of over-weight. E/C/A increases the body metabolism, gives energy and stimulates the body to lose unnecessary pounds. E/C/A Stack is a perfect alternative for losing weight as it's cheaper and can be made at home! E/C/A Stack is becoming more and more popular worldwide, due to its ability to decreaseone's appetite. You can make E/C/A at home, purchasing 3 main ingredients - ephedrine 8mg, caffeine and coated aspirin. You should start only with small dosage of E/C/A during the first week. If have no health complications, you can prolong taking these ingredients for two-three weeks. However, ready diet pills are more effective, than self- due extra ingredients. Note: before taking any diet pills and supplements, remember that their over-dosed or non-observed usage can lead to severe health problems. It's better to consult your GP, as every person reacts to these pills individually. Get the shape of your dream together with E/C/A Stack! Feel healthy and look attractively!

Some facts about Ephedra

Ephedra is a natural ingredient of an old herb Ma Huang used in China for about 4000 years to treat such diseases as hay fever, asthma and various allergies. This herb is safe and natural but only if it’s properly used.

The use of ephedra stimulates the work of human body’s systems and causes various physiological changes. They include increasing of a heart rate, constriction of blood vessels, expansion of bronchial tubes and others. Stimulation reaches a very high level when Ephedra and Ephedrine are used with another stimulant, for example caffeine.
You should understand that the suppression and loss of appetite can't occur if other changes are absent. You are taking Ephedra or Epehdrine, your body lowers the appetite, this stimulation results in physiological changes- this is the way it works. Everything is connected.
A new product which appeared in food stores in 1990’s was considered to be a supplement and people buy it as an appetite suppressant. Those who was dieting didn’t ask for more information and ephedra was a real help in loosing weight because of its ability to cause the loss of appetite.