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  • Stimulates your body's metabolism
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Works equally well for men and women

1. What is EC? How do I dose it?
EC Stack means a combination of ephedrine HCL and caffeine. It increases the metabolism and therefore helps the body to lose weight more quickly. The suggested dose for beginners is 10mg of ephedrine and 100mg of caffeine 2 and later 3 times a day. This dosage can be increased slowly to the 25mg of ephedrine and 200mg of caffeine.

2. Which supplements are recommended to take in addition to the EC?
The main recommended supplements include multivitamin because it improves your health in general, creatine which keeps lean mass, EGCG, fish oils and others.

3. Is it safe to take EC with xyz supplement?
It's better not to take other stimulants while you use EC Stack. If you really need to take for example preworkout product you should take its dose instead of ephedrine but not together.

4. Why it's recommended not to take aspirin?
It's medically proved that EC Stack containing no aspirin is more effective than ECA Stack. High blood pressure, gastrointestinal symptoms including ulcers- are thy main risks caused by taking aspirin. We speak about the dosage used in ECA Stack. It was 325 mg and was taken 3 times a day. It's too much because aspirin is nonsteriodal anti-inflammatory drug and its daily dosage shouldn't be over 1000mg a day.

5. How should I take EC Stack in relation to meals?
There are no recommendations concerning the time of taking EC in relations to meals. It's only said that the last dose should be taken at least 6 hours before the bedtime.
Usually people take it 4 hours before they wake up and make 4-hours pauses between each use.

6. What are things to pay attention to which are not mentioned on majority of EC Stack sites?
You should remember that the use of EC combined with low potassium can lead to heart palpitations. 2000mg is the minimal dosage of your potassium intake a day.
It's easy to find out how much potassium is in your diet. There are a lot of special sites where you input your diet in special table and get the results. If you are low carbing you can get some amount of potassium from avocado. You should immediately stop taking EC Stack if you have too high blood pressure. To control the level of your blood pressure you should monitor it every day.
Don't forget that EC Stack raises the temperature of your body and it's not recommended to take it in the heat. Be careful because it can lead to the heatstroke.

7. Is EC dangerous?
There are examples when people who used EC Stack became serious health problems and even died but all these happened in cases of not proper usage. If you are careful, follow all recommendations, consult your doctor, listen to your body and are ready to stop if something goes wrong- you have no reasons to worry.

8. What is the difference between ephedrine HCL and ephedrine sulfate?
20 mg of ephedrine HCL is equal to 25 mg of ephedrine sulfate. So you see that ephedrine HCL is stronger.

9. Can I take it just preworkout/precardio?
Yes. You can. But only if you have no jitters and you should begin with a small dose. And never use the first dose preworkout.

10. How to stop taking EC with minimal side-effects?
You should stop taking ephedrine at all and use the smaller dose of caffeine for 100mg every third day.

11. When should I cycle it- every 2 weeks, 4 weeks?
The recommended cycle is 6 weeks because overdose of caffeine can lead to adrenalin fatigue. Than you should make a 2-weeks break.

12. Is it effective to take 2 doses a day?
Yes, it is. It's more safe and if it works in your case and you feel good use 2 doses per day.

13. I have 30 mg pills, how should I dose them?
You should dose them this way:
Day 1 - test dose, take 100mg C 15mg E
Day 2-4 - 100mg C 15mg E, 2x
Day 5-7 - 200mg C 15mg E, 2x
Day 8-14 - 300mg C 30mg E first dose, 200mg C 15mg E second dose
Day 14+ - 300mg C 30mg E, 2x
Make the 6-hours break between two doses.

14. What about doing HIIT?
If you want you can do HIIT but only skipping the EC dose. But you should know that there is a risk of too high heartrate. It's better to be careful with sprinting and running. You should be moderate and control your heart rate monitoring it regularly.

15. If I decide not to use an EC Stack, which other suggestions do you have?
MAN Scorch (dose at 2x2 caps if under 150 lbs)
Prolab Thermo Fire (dose at 2x3 caps if over 200 lbs)