Taking a urine drug test
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Taking a urine drug test

Because employers do not want to employ individuals who use drugs, you make be subjected to a random urine drug test by your employer. While random drug testing is viewed as a violation of privacy, these tests are legal. Therefore, your employer can demand that you provide a sample of bodily fluids to be screened for illegal drugs. If you refuse to take a random urine drug test, your employer has the right to terminate your employment. If you have not used illegal drugs, you have nothing to worry about. On the other hand, habitual and occasional drug users may have to stop their drug habit in order to keep their job.

If you are required to provide a urine sample, the process is simple. In most cases, urine drug tests requested by an employer are unannounced and periodic. Thus, at any given time, your employer may request a sample of your urine. When this occurs you are provided with a sterile cup. After urinating into the cup, the urine sample is sent away to a lab. Because a urine sample can only detect drug use within the last three days, some people reschedule the test to increase their odds of passing.

Individuals who take drugs for recreation may attempt to conceal drug use. This method is not very effective. For example, some people who are required to take a drug test may drink large amounts of water. However, this attempt to cleanse the body does not work. Drinking large amounts of water prior to a urine drug test will only dilute the urine – which raises suspicion. Moreover, detoxification herbs and teas may be detected on drug tests. If attempting to detoxify your body prior to a drug test, begin the detox process days before the test. Waiting until the last minute will reveal high levels of an unknown substance.